Holistic Management at Pepperwood

Day One: March 12, 2016 Register Here
The Theory and Practice of Holistic Management and Regenerative Agriculture with Savory Institute accredited professional Spencer Smith. Topics include:

  • Reading the land and identifying ecosystem processes
  • Planning grazing to enhance ecosystem function and build drought tolerant soil
  • Re-building your ideal landscape after a fire
  • Planning for profit (and peace of mind) in a ranching or farming enterprise

Day Two: March 13, 2016 Register Here
Planning, Infrastructure and Operations Practicum
with Pepperwood Grazing Management partner Holistic Ag’s Aaron Lucich and Ariel Greenwood with Spencer Smith. Topics include:

  • Planned Holistic Grazing a 4,000 acre land base with conservation goals
  • Planning, mapping and record keeping
  • Getting your animals in the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons
  • Portable fencing and water systems as assets not limitations


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