Holistic Ag

Regenerative agriculture is the only vehicle to a holistic future.   Rooted in the belief that a healthy and functional ecology is the base layer of any lasting civilization and that agriculture is the most ecological of human endeavors, we advocate, promote and practice holistically managed agricultural production.

“Nature is not Competitive, it is Ruthlessly Collaborative.”

Sometimes painting yourself into a corner is a good thing.
Our current systems are in failure but functional alternatives exist. We can effectively leverage our resource base to promote the likelihood that we will make better decisions.

“Navigating out of this cul-de-sac of civilization is no easy task. It’s not a matter of regression or simply mimicking the past.
Like it or not we’ve inherited an obligation not only of proximity but of opportunity as well.  It’s game time.  The path ahead must be deliberate and intentional.  All the answers lie in what we already know and can surmise about the past.  Make no mistake about it, the only way to proceed is back to the future.”

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