What We Do

Our prime objective is to migrate the current baseline condition of any site adaptively towards greater ecological function. Using animal impact to provide significant disturbance and corresponding appropriate recovery periods we improve grassland and savannah ecology by uncapping soil, incorporating residual dry matter and providing seed to soil contact. This treatment results in a protective litter layer of organic matter that retains moisture and fosters the microbiology necessary to support higher functioning perennial plant communities. The litter layer is eventually incorporated into the soil profile increasing soil organic matter (carbon sequestration) and humus increasing water retention and extending the growth cycle.

Through this process of disturbance we also apply significant pressure to existing plant communities which reduces, removes and incorporates invasive plants, oxidized material, smothering thatch layers and potentially dangerous fuel load.

With improved soil biology and perennial plant communities comes deeper root penetration, increased soil porosity and longer growth periods reducing erosion and extending the hydraulic cycle.

Holistic Ag Seeks Land Partners

Holistic Ag seeks partnerships with ecologically motivated individuals and land- based organizations. We negotiate equitable arrangements to provide therapeutic grazing services and restoration to ecosystems and watersheds. Through onsite evaluations we generate a Holistic Grazing Plan and strategy for stimulation of the grassland, savannah and woods. Upon the conclusion and approval of the plan Holistic Ag locates the necessary resources, improvements and livestock onsite and commences management. Holistic Ag provides ongoing management, monitoring and evaluation to ensure the best outcome. Upon completion of grazing Holistic Ag removes all temporary resources and the land is allowed to rest and recover.

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