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Holistic Ag is an ecosystem services company with the primary goal of regenerating landscapes and restoring water cycles by increasing diversity of plants and biological communities. We use Holistic Decision Making and animal impact as tools to stimulate ecosystems beneficially. We seek partnerships with land-based individuals and organizations interested in the long-term health and function of their ecological assets. We creatively buffer the economic pressures of the current agricultural paradigm to allow for more active, sensitive  stewardship creating the likelihood of a better long term ecological outcome.

We are currently based at Pepperwood Preserve in Sonoma County, California and Silky Cow Farm in Albemarle County, Virginia.
We have completed treatments for the Sonoma Mountain Institute in Glen Ellen, AMMA at the MA Center in Castro Valley and maintain a collaborative relationship with John Wick at Nicasio Native Grass Ranch. Information and references from these projects is available upon request.

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