“You should do what you can with the land that you have.”

If I had my way viewing this film would be a prerequisite for eating any meat. Very happy that Franck Ribiere created this beautiful piece of art that educates in spite of itself. Never preachy or heavy handed and always reverent and true to the culinary passion he obviously has with his subject. I’m plenty proud of the ecological aspects of this business but with all the meat bashing in the media it’s easy to lose site of the elegant outcome these animals provide us with. Properly managed livestock is a sacrament of the highest order on Nature’s alter. Enjoy heartily and consciously. Watch the trailer here.  Watch the movie here.

This is a standing rib roast I made for xmas dinner this year from a steer we harvested in July.


 The animals we harvested this year were our first and I will tell you that after waiting 3 years it is very exciting to finally taste the fruits of the animal’s and our labor. While we are moving towards improved forages and a resulting higher fat content I’d put this meat on any plate. Our tenderness and flavor profile is exceptional. You can purchase our beef by clicking here.

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