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Where’s the beef?

We are selling shares of beef ranging from 1/16th to whole cows. our prices are competitive with less ecologically ambitious grassfed producers, and are discounted when you buy in bulk, so consider pooling friends to place an order. 

1/16th cow at $11.50 per pound $255 for approx 22 lbs.

1/8th cow at $11.00 per pound is $485 for approx 44 lbs.

1/4th cow at $10.50 per pound $975 for approx 88 lbs.

1/2 cow at $10 per pound $1750 for approx 175 lbs.

Whole animal at $9 per pound is $3,150 for approx 350 lbs. 

Shares are broken down approximately at 32% ground, 32% braise & stew, 23% steaks and 13% broth bones, marrow bones and healthy organ meats (please specify if you have a preference with regards to bones and organ meats).

Here is a sample sheet of cuts you would get for a 16th and 1/8th share. 

About the herd

Holistic Ag is a cow/calf to finish operation located on Pepperwood Preserve, a 3200 acre research and educational center in Sonoma County. Our Black Angus and Wagyu-Angus cows are bred here, born here and finished here on grass–we don’t feed hay or grain, ever.

Holistic Ag was founded by Aaron Lucich after he toured the planet to visit folks like Allan Savory and Joel Salatin to learn about the ecological and dietary benefits of holistically managed, grassfed cattle.

Here at Pepperwood, we work closely with ecologists and land managers to nimbly graze according to the goals of restoring and protecting biodiversity, building soil, sequestering carbon, and researching our impact. Herdess Ariel lives on site and is with the cows every day, interacting and moving them every day or two to new pastures. The wide range of forage at Pepperwood means our beef has a deliciously complex terroir specific to its bioregion.

We believe in managing animals in a way that facilitates the expression of their psychological complexity; as such, our cows love kicking up their heels, scrambling on rocks, playing tag with birds, basking in the shady oaks, and snuggling their herd mates.

Come harvest time, we haul our mature steer to the nearby Marin-Sun Farms in Petaluma, an Animal Welfare Approved slaughter house where animals are treated with the utmost consideration and respect in their final hours. This makes for a humane harvest and better meat.

To place an order or for questions about pricing, delivery to SF, freezer space, cuts, why you should eat our beef in a drought, and so on, contact Aaron at alucich@inprocessmedia.com or (415) 377 – 8269.

Thank you for supporting our work.unnamed

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